Save the Music

Recently I was doing maintenance on the main production computer and a simple flash of the BIOS wiped out the RAID array. In simpler terms, I brought the computer to the latest version and in the process it lost track of how the data was stored. Every single project was gone. Here's why I wasn't worried.

Every project at Tall Medicine is saved to a redundant storage array so that even if a drive fails we won't lose any data and the show can still go on. Periodically during the session the projects are saved to portable storage which is later moved offsite. And finally, at the end of the day the projects are backed up to a long-term archive in the cloud.

In short: we take every step to ensure your hard work and inspiration are always available. In addition, your project is stored in the cloud so years from now when you need to remaster your classics we've got your back.

Back to the failed storage array. I actually had a personal project that had changed since the last backup. No matter, I was able to restore the "lost" changes and keep working.  It was a great test of the system: everything was recovered.

Bring your project to Tall Medicine; peace of mind included at no charge.