Paris, 2km away

Last night I was sitting in a studio in Paris, looking out the window and puzzling about the police on the freeway nearby when a friend texted me to ask if I was OK. That's when I found out. About 2km to the north of me--visible from my window--is the Stade de France and 2km to the south is the Bataclan. I was luckily safe in my accommodations but many last night were not.

I posted before how travel can be inspiring, it does that because it exposes me to more that the world has to offer and the world has a lot of good in it; and it also increases the exposure to the bad in the world. When it does, however, it makes the good all the more sweeter.

I've only been in Paris for a couple of days so I haven't yet had a chance to meet and fall in love with the city. When it is safe to do so I will go out and hope to see the good in the people as they rally together after these terrible events.

There is video going around of the fans at the Stade de France singing La Marseillaise--the French national anthem--as they exited. Again see the power of music and why I am passionate about capturing it authentically.