Mojo Incoming

Tall Medicine is a big fan of Louder Than Liftoff and have at least one of every product (we have FOUR Chop Shops)! They just announced the pre-order for the Silver Bullet, an amazing box that I've been trying to get into my mix-down chain forever. Right now I run everything through a Wooly Mammoth, a Dangerous Music Compressor, a Kush Audio Clariphonic, and a pre-amp, either CAPI VP28 or A-Designs Pacifica. The Silver Bullet will eliminate most of those devices leaving me with the compressor on the Silver Bullet's insert chain.

December can't come fast enough.

To be among the first to hear your music through this amazing machine contact us to be put on the schedule.

For anyone that's interested in purchasing a Silver Bullet or any other Louder Than Liftoff product you can use my referral link to get 10% off the price (that's $200 off the Silver Bullet).