Talljoe of Tall Medicine

Talljoe of Tall Medicine


Tall Medicine is the work of Joe "Talljoe" Wasson, an engineer from Seattle, WA. Joe has been honing his skills off and on since getting bit by the recording bug in 2000. Over the past decade and a half he has acquired a respectable collection of gear.

In 2014, with fellow engineer Benjamin Trimpe, Joe opened Stormy Muffin Studios in the Pioneer Square neighborhood. After losing their lease just 18 short months later Joe relaunched the studio as Tall Medicine.

Joe is passionate about music, plays bass and keyboards, and has performed in several bands, although he focuses most of his time on the studio. Joe lives another life as a software engineer, leading a small development team to great achievements. He also travels frequently.

Tall Medicine is located in picturesque Kitsap County, just a few minutes from historic Poulsbo and bustling Silverdale.